Proton Cable

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Quality policy ISO 9001:2008

Top management of Proton Cable in order to achieve strategic objectives to overcome the expectations of customers and providing quality products, it has established Quality Management System according to international standard ISO 9001:2008. To accomplish this, we offer low-voltage cables that meet customer expectations and provide superior quality scale. we try to integrate quality into all aspects of our business activities to achieve total customer satisfaction. Continuously, we aim to achieve this through:

  • Cable delivery without errors.
  • Commitment to product shipments on time and every time.
  • Raising the skills and performance of staff.
  • The use of advanced manufacturing technologies.
Moreover, we emphasize efforts to prevent the problem rather than solving the problem. Proton Cable by establishing quality objectives, system audits will review and improve the quality system in compliance with international standards and best practices. Is our permanent commitment to consistently achieve and exceed customer expectations. Our first commitment is to meet the quality, always through quality control and continuous improvement system. We believe that by applying these standards, will enable us to achieve the requirements of customers and the industry. Top management of Proton Cable is committed to activate and support the Quality Policy and quality objectives by providing the necessary resources.